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Pneumatic gate valve type PBZ Pneumatic gate valve type PBZ
DN 2” - 4”
class 600, 900, 1500, 2500, 3000lb
pmax 210 (350) bar
t -20°C / +90°C
acceptable media oil, petrol, non-agresive fluids and gases
connections API 6A-6B, ANSI B 16.5



PBZ gate valve offers superior performance and reliability over conventional valve designs in a variety of difficult applications and generally not used in clean media where conventional valves are sufficient. It is used in used for flow isolation as well as throttling/control duties in a limited way.



PBZ Valve is a bidirectional gate valve sealing on the downstream gate to seat when placed in the flow stream facing in either direction. It requires pressure from upstream to force the seal of the gate against the downstream seat.The gate of the PBZ valve consists of two pieces (gate and segment) acting one against the other by means of a dual wedge when the valve is either fully closed or fully opened.
The expansion effect of the wedge against the seats, through the parallel faces of the gate, provides a strong and positive seal against pulsations and vibrations created by flow conditions.
Pneumatic gate valve PBZ is an automatic quick-closing valve. Opening is done by instrumental air or gas through an solenoid valve into the area top of the piston. Quick closing is done by the force of the operating medium helped with the force of the spring. The installed spring allows closing also on low pressures of working medium in the valve (0-10 bar).
The spindle is set outside of the actuator cylinder for the indication of the valve position.



- we deliver special device for keeping a valve in an open position without instrumental gas
- installment of open-close magnetic position sensors


API 6D “Specification for Pipeline Valves”
API 598 “Valve Inspection and Testing”
ISO 14313 “Petroleum and natural gas industries -Pipeline transportation systems -Pipeline valves”
EN 12266-1 “Industrial valves. Testing of metallic valves. Pressure tests, test procedures and acceptance criteria. Mandatory requirements”
94/9 EC (ATEX) “Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”
Pos. Part name Material Standard
1 Body GP240GH EN10213
2 Bonnet GP240GH EN10213
3 Seat P265GH EN10273
4 Seat PTFE  
5 “O”-ring FKM  
6 Reatainer plate S355 EN10277-2
7 Gate 34CrMo4 EN10083-3
8 Spindle 1.4301 EN10088-3
9 Bonnet seal ring FKM  
Body grease fitting
1.4401 EN10088-3
11 Actuator SPO  
12 Spring SH EN10270-1
13 Piston ENAW6005 EN573


CODE DN class
actuator pressure (bar)
H (mm) L (mm) D (mm) WEIGHT(kg)
060901 50 (2”) 600lb 1 - 2 710 292 200 75
060902 65 (2.5”) 600lb 1 - 2 850 330 300/350 120
060903 80 (3”) 600lb 1 - 2 1060 355 300/350 145
061001 80 (3”) 3000lb 3 - 5 690 435 203 (323) 145
061002 100 (4”) 3000lb 3 - 5 832 511 242 (457) 280