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Safety shut-off valve type SZV Safety shut-off valve type SZV
DN 50 - 100
PN 16, 25
ANSI 150lb
pmax 10 bar
t -20°C / +90°C
acceptable media natural gas, LPG, air, non-aggressive gasses
connections EN1092, DIN2633, DIN2634, ANSI B 16.5



Main safety device for gas pressure regulating stations. It automatically shut off the gas flow, as soon as the pressure within the system to be protected rises above pre-set limit.



The shut-off is effected by the measuring diaphragm which moves into the release position with the lever mechanism disengaging the velve plate to close the main valve seat.
The valve can be re-set by hand only, after the outlet pressure at the measuring point has been decreased to a value lying within the range of the pre-set pressure value.
In order to change the position of the vent and measuring line rotate the diaphragm upper housing to the desired position.
It’s not necessary to take of the seal or to reset the valve. The picture shows standard right impementation.


Positions opened (O) and closed (C) are shown by the arrow on the top of the lever.
When valve automatically block the gas flow it will be in the closed (C) position. Opening (unblocking) the valve is done in the folowing order:
- take off the protective cap
- turn the lever just for a few degrees to the open (O) position, and wait for a few sesond for the pressures to equalize
- continue turning the lever toward open”O” position until the plate is fastened (the click sound)
- gently open inlet and outlet valves on the gas line, and valve is ready to operate
In case the plate does not stay in the open “O” position check the gas pressure, it must be lower then pre-set value stated on the indetification plate


EN 14382 “Safety devices for gas pressure regulating stations and installations. Gas safety shut-off devices for operating pressure up to 100 bar “
EN 13463-5 “Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Basic method and requirements”
EN 13463-1 “Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Protection by constructional safety ‘c’ “
94/9 EC (ATEX) “Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”
Pos. Part name Material Standard
1 Housing GJS-400-15 EN1563
2 Seat CW614N EN12164
3 Plate CW614N EN12164
4 Seat gasket FKM  
5 Torsional Lever 1.4301 EN10270-3
6 Hook 1.4301 EN10088-3
7 Diaphragm NBR  
8 Diaphragm upper housing GJS-400-15 EN1563
9 Spring SH EN10270-1
10 Adjusting screw CW614N EN12164
11 Lid ENAW6005 EN573
12 Lever S355 EN10277-2
13 Conical spring 1.4301 EN10270-3
14 Diaphragm lower housing GJS-400-15 EN1563
15 Guide CW614N EN12164
16 Spring holder S355 EN10277-2


CODE DN L (mm) H (mm) d (mm) set pressure (bar) WEIGHT(kg)
35-250  210-1800 80-2400  1800-10000
D (mm)
030901 50 (2”) 230 255 40     60 30 11.5
030902 80 (3”) 310 270 70     60 30 19.5
030903 100 (4”) 350 290 90 120 60   30 29.5